Playgrounds in Singapore are a favourite place of adventure for children – especially the little ones. They love sitting on the swings, climbing up the bars or sliding down the slides. So it is important to have safe playground equipment in Singapore to ensure children will have happy memories in this place.

Playgrounds are a great spot for kids, where they can have fun, develop their imagination, and create lasting memories. It also encourages them to mingle with other kids and connect with their friends. However, giving your child freedom on the playground may open up to some potentials safety risks. Instead of creating memorable experiences, playing on the playground may just cause bumps or scrapes due to unsafe equipment.

Common Playground Safety Hazards

There are many things that can pose threat to your children’s safety when having fun on the playground, such as the following:

  1.  Accidents during play on swings, slides, etc.
    If the playground equipments in Singapore are not well-maintained, they may no longer be 100% functional. The chains of the swings, for instance, may snap anytime causing the kid to fall. Or there may be damaged parts of the slides that can cause cuts on the hands or legs of the child.
  2. Exposure to a toxic substance.
    Some playground equipment may have been constructed from materials with toxic contents. For instance, if the paint used on the swings contains toxic substances, it can put your child’s health at risk when inhaled. Other equipment may be made from plastic materials that are harmful to the lungs. It might have a long-term effect on the health.

What to do?

The reality is, it’s impossible to completely avoid accidents on the playgrounds; however, it doesn’t mean you should not allow your child to play on the playgrounds. It is part of their childhood so you should never deprive your child of exploring outdoor activities. There are a few things to keep in mind to minimise the safety hazards.

  • Check Quality And Proper Installation
    Proper installation and maintenance of the playground equipment are crucial to children’s safety. So be sure to check the equipment before allowing your child to play on them. Poor construction or even a slight imbalance can trigger accidents causing injuries like cuts or falls. Depending on the type of equipment, you can test the durability of the equipment by slightly shaking it or moving it. If you think it’s already weak or it has a fault, then don’t let your child ride on it.
  • Double Check Equipment
    Whether it is your first time or the tenth times always check the equipment when you arrive at the playground. Look for worn-out equipment, like loosen screws or hinges. Does the seesaw look unstable? Is there a possibility that it will trap the little fingers of the children? You should also check the park’s surface. Most children’s playgrounds in Singapore have a rubber surface to provide good cushioning for falls. Get rid of trip hazards, like rocks, sticks or any other objects on the surface.
  • Adult Supervision
    One of the most important safety precautions when taking your child to the playground is adult supervision. Never leave your child unattended on the playground. With an adult supervision, children can be reminded to take care in using any playground equipment.

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