Rubber flooring Singapore three advantages

Rubber flooring has become a popular choice in commercial, institutional, and recreational facilities these days. This type of floor covering is known for its longevity, resilience and slip resistance which are important in high-traffic buildings. The number of facilities that are using rubber flooring continues to grow, and many architects recommend it to their clients due to its variety of colours and patterns. Some building owners opt for this type of flooring to incorporate an environmentally friendly feature in their facility.

More and more people are discovering the remarkable benefits of using rubber flooring, both in homes and commercial buildings. In a setting that is prone to spills, susceptible to wear and tear and involves heavy usage, this type of flooring makes a practical option. Indeed, rubber flooring is worth a look.

Still not convinced why you should opt for this cover flooring? Check out the advantages of installing rubber flooring in Singapore.

  1. Resilient Floor for Comfort

    Standing for a long period of time causes a static contraction in the legs and back, which might worsen if the surface is made of concrete solid materials. Rubber is a perfect alternative for areas where people are required to stand for long hours. A rubber surface offers cushion which reduces foot injury and leg fatigue. It also does not create static build-up, making it ideal for settings like a bar where waiters stand for hours and restaurant kitchen where chef and staff work for long periods. In Singapore, playgrounds feature rubber flooring not just to provide comfort but to reduce the risk of injuries to children.
  2. Low Maintenance

    Rubber flooring is notable for its low maintenance feature. It’s very easy to take care of and does not require rigorous cleaning. While all types of rubber floorings are easy to clean, the synthetic rubber flooring comes with an extra feature that makes maintenance effortless. It can resist stains than the natural rubber flooring. Generally, the flooring just needs a mop and clean water. In addition, a rubber flooring sealer can protect the covering from discolouration.
  3. Durable

    When it comes to durability, the rubber flooring’s capability to last long is unquestionable. A properly cared for rubber flooring should be able to last a minimum of 20 years of usage. Its ability to withstand a variety of conditions is the most touted benefit of installing the rubber flooring, especially outdoors like playgrounds and parks. Rubber flooring is non-porous, meaning basic liquid spills cannot cause damage to the surface. As such, it is a popular choice for wet settings (aside from outdoor) like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Rubber flooring’s long life-cycle greatly appeals to building owners who are looking for ways to integrate green feature in their infrastructures. Installing this flooring enables them to reduce the need for frequent replacement and disposal. In addition, rubbers flooring lets them help conserve natural resources since flooring removal is minimised as well as the need for adhesives when installing them. With its strong, resilient and tough features, it is not surprising why many people recommend the rubber flooring for homes and buildings.

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